Tribofilm Research is proud to announce StaClear:

The First Syringe
FDA-Cleared For Ophthalmic Use

Wearable Injectors

Read our latest paper in OnDrug Delivery's September 2017 special issue, Wearable Injectors, "How Lubricant Choice Affects Dose Accuracy in Insulin Pumps"

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We Help Medical Device R &D Leaders

Improve patient safety, device performance, and product profitability

...while reducing multi-million dollar recall risks and last-minute launch delays

caused by lubricant risk. 

Do Either of These Scenarios Sound Familiar to You?

Diabetic pump device challenged by silicone oil lubricant


Your team is excited about the upcoming product launch. Clinical trials, contract manufacturing agreements, device design, all the moving parts are coming together... But then, your medical device starts facing issues such as stick-slip, inconsistent or high forces, dosage inaccuracy issues, device failure, and you've identified the lubricant choice as a potential root cause. 

Find out how we help you solve the mechanical forces problem. 



You've been charged with getting a prefilled syringe or medical device to market, and suddenly, test results reveal sub-visible particles, protein aggregation, or worse, changes in the efficacy of the drug. 

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If you haven't yet run into a lubricant issue,

the worst thing you can do is to wait for something to go wrong. 

“I had the privilege to work with...the Tribofilm team for several years during the development of the Solo Insulin Micropump at Medingo. Vinay is a very skillful scientist, very practical and pragmatic, always finds simple and smart solutions.” - Dudu Vidan “The TriboGlide and TriboLink technologies are game changers for pharmaceutical packaging and combination products industries...Vinay's organization is focused on the needs of the customer.”   Rob Schultheis “My collaboration... took place during the process designing phase of the [Product Confidential] at Roche. I will definitely recommend to anyone seeking a technological solution to work with Vinay as his ability to support companies from all the ranges (startups to corporations)...”  Offer Levy

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Jackson Thornton

Jackson Thornton, PhD. 

Associate Director of Research

Vinay Sakhrani,

Co-Founder & VP of Technology

Tribofilm has patented two next-generation coating technologies that offer the industry options when
silicone oil does not meet requirements: TriboGlide-DS® and TriboLink-Si®.

TriboGlide-DS® and TriboLink-Si® were developed with support from the U.S. National Institutes of Health (Small Business Innovation Research grants), in consultation with medical device companies struggling with lubricant-triggered forces and particle problems.